Bush Craft Inc. Original Stagbone Fire steel

Made In Hokkaido
This item is handcrafted by Mr. Terui who is a craftman of cervus hortulorum in Hokkaido requested from Bush Craft Inc.
We got his comments about this fire steel as below;

40 years as a Craftsman
40 years passed since I had graduated the wood carving school and become a craftsman first in Shiretoko, Hokkaido.
I realized I was glad to start business for the craft of cervus hortulorum.
My friends I met when I started this work passed away already.

I would like to give impression to one even a small thing.
It's not hard to make it, but I did my best to have you impress.
The design of the item is very simple, but I feel like he (President Mr. Soma) asked me to request difficult work in a future.

Cervus horns are rare and great material.
In shiretoko, the wood is protected so I focus on cervus horns instead.
The cervus horn is splendid as a material so I believe that it has potential needs.
Now cervus horn is a promising material instead of ivory, the rarity value is getting increased.
Few people recognize the value because of lots of deer in Hokkaido.
I wish you to understand the value as a rarity and excellence.


This is Soma, CEO from Bush Craft Inc.
I met Mr. Terui during my travel in Hokkaido and this item was created owing to wonderful encounter.
The process of cervus horns will be done by Mr. Terui and other work will be done by us internally.
We tie up the horn to rod with the linen string to cardboard by ourselves.
This assembling to set in the box is simple, but this work is suitable packaging for this item.
This item is not produced in large quantities. The shape of the horns keeps itself on purpose.
I sincerely hope you'll find your favorite item.


Size:Rod / approx.60mm(※)×9.5Φ
Material: Blade/Steel Rod/magnesium

※Depends on the size of the horn

・No same shape.

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